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How long does it take to sponsor an employee in the UK?

Sponsoring a work permit isn't as easy as it seems. It involves quite a few steps like background checks and medical tests...

How long does it take to sponsor an employee in the UK?

How long does it take to sponsor an employee in the UK?

Sponsoring a work permit isn’t as easy as it seems. It involves quite a few steps like background checks and medical tests. These things take time, so if you’re considering sponsoring an employee in any country including the UK, it’s best to go through with the process well in advance.

But before you dive into paperwork and payments, let’s discuss the timeline for sponsoring an employee.

What is an employee sponsoring duration?

Getting a Sponsor License can be a bit long, taking about 4 to 8 weeks, depending on your situation and how urgently you need that sponsorship. Want things to move faster? For an extra £500, you can jump for premium services. In just 10 working days, you’ll have a decision in your hands. But the speedy option is quite limited.

Keep in mind that your Sponsor Licence is like a four-year ticket. When it’s about to expire, you can renew it by applying three months before. So remain active in this game.

What are the factors that affect the sponsored license application process?

Certain factors influence the sponsored license application process.

1. Understanding the Process

When you send in your application, the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) team takes the time to carefully review it. The number of applications they receive can impact how long it takes to process yours. If they’re burdened with a lot of applications, it might take a comparatively long time to reach your application.

2. Checking In-Person

Sometimes, the UKVI might decide to pay your UK premises a visit before making a decision on your license application. This visit is all about making sure your organization is following the immigration rules. While this visit can extend the processing time, it’s an important step to ensure everything is OK.

3. Handling Complexity

If your organization is quite large and has a complex structure, you’ll need to provide more documents along with your application. This could mean a longer processing time if the documents aren’t in the right format as required by the UKVI. Making sure your paperwork is in order will help things move along smoothly.

3. Submission Matters

The quality of your application really matters. The low-quality application rejects automatically. That means more forms to fill out and more waiting time. So, it’s important to make sure your application is top-notch right from the start.

Getting Your Sponsor Licence in the UK: A Simple Guide.

  • Applying for a sponsor license in the UK is a breeze, all done online. Just fill in the application form, gather your necessary papers, pay the fee, and send it over to the Immigration Department.
  • Quickly start your sponsor license journey by visiting the UK Visas & Immigration website. Register using your name and email address.
  • Once you’ve done with the registration, share your deets and supporting documents.
  • Remember, your supporting documents need to be in PDF, JPEG, or PNG formats, with clear names and top-notch quality. Don’t worry, if your docs aren’t in English or Welsh – just attach a certified translation.
  • If scanning and emailing aren’t your thing, no worries. Contact UKVI using the details on the submission sheet.
  • The sponsor license cost varies based on your business type and the license flavor. Prices start at £536 and max out at £1,476.

Common Reasons for Sponsor Licence Application Rejection

Are you aiming to secure a sponsor license but worried about getting a refusal? Let’s break down the key factors that might lead to your application being refused:

1. Missing necessary documents.

Your application might face a bump if it’s incomplete. The Home Office needs all the right pieces to give you a green light. If they don’t receive all the necessary documents and forms, your chances of approval become less.

2. Lack of authenticity

When it comes to documents, authenticity is compulsory. The eagle-eyed Home Office performs thorough checks to ensure everything’s fine and perfect. If they discover any tampering, your hopes of sponsorship will not be going to fulfill.

3. Neglecting the appropriate time

Timing matters a lot. Submitting your supporting documents on time is crucial. Within five working days of your initial application, the UKVI should have those documents in hand. Miss the deadline, and you’ll have to start the process from the beginning, complete with all the paperwork.

4. Credibility and trust issues

Your organization’s credibility and recruitment practices matter. If the UKVI isn’t convinced about your team’s integrity or their ability to fulfill sponsorship duties, a red light might start flashing on your application.

Staying vigilant and ensuring that these confusions are avoided can greatly enhance your chances of a successful sponsor license application. Remember, each step counts in your journey to becoming a sponsor.

Need any assistance regarding the sponsor licence?

Speed Up Your Employee Sponsorship Process with These Simple Steps

Here are a few handy tips that can help you to minimize the time required to complete the employee sponsorship process.

1. Keep it Real

When it comes to your business details, transparency is key. Be clear about your business, this not only boosts your chances of speedy approval but also builds trust.

2. Form Finesse

Ensure you’re using the right form that matches your business type and situation. Take a peek at the list of eligible forms before hitting submit. Avoid blanks,  if a question doesn’t fit, simply write down “N/A” to avoid any confusion.

3. Complete your document

Don’t leave out anything essential. Think of your application as a complete package, missing documents or forms can cause delays or even result in rejection. Before hitting that submit button, double-check that you’ve included everything needed.

4. Time Matters

If expedited processing is an option for you, go for it. Request it during your application and if there’s no response within 30 days, don’t hesitate to follow up with the relevant government agency.

Applying for a sponsor license doesn’t have to be a long-term task. With these practical steps, you can streamline the process and get back to focusing on what you do best.

Your Role as a Sponsor

Being a sponsor comes with important responsibilities. Beyond providing financial support, it’s crucial to ensure your employees are working legally in the country (in this case the UK) and paying their taxes.

Another essential task is making sure any migrant workers you sponsor have the necessary work permit and visa before they begin working. Keep updated your documents.  Adhering to the above-mentioned requirements is essential, as failure to do so might lead to your license being revoked.

Additionally, you should confirm that your employees have valid permission to stay in the UK. If they don’t, it’s vital to inform the Home Office. Working without permission or for another employer could result in fines or even disqualification from the sponsor management system, affecting your ability to sponsor future migrants. Your role as a sponsor is vital in upholding legal and ethical standards.

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